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Scholarship Rally for Maya Jaguar Students in 2024

Next month is graduation at Maya Jaguar Private Technical Institute and thanks to your past support students are slated to graduate – with honors and real opportunities for success in life!

During the post-COVID recovery this year, 37 students are enrolled, three of whom will be graduating from high school with a certified diploma and honors. The school is accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education every five years and was just recertified to meet the required academic standards. Mid-term exams reflected high student scores and ‘on-the-mark’ progress in their required assignments.

The school’s rigorous academic curriculum is augmented by technical instruction, practical agricultural classes, leadership opportunities, woodworking skills, and on-location experiences of Mayan cultural heritage sites. Graduates are well prepared to enter university studies or obtain well-compensated employment, and some plan to return to give back to the institution which gave them this opportunity.

We need your support now!

The 2023 school year ends in late-October, but preparations for school year 2024 (January-October) will begin immediately after graduation in just a short few weeks. Student enrollment for 2024 is expected to rise considerably, making scholarship funding a high priority. With the increased number of students, we are increasing the teaching staff and expanding the classrooms with additional laptops, tablets, and supplies, and readying the dormitories.

A scholarship of approximately $3,300 will fund a student’s education, including tuition, books, supplies, internet access, food, housing, and transportation for the school year.

Will you help us make a difference by sponsoring a scholarship? Or a partial scholarship? Or any contribution of your choice!

Your generous donation will change the lives of underserved Maya children in this remote area of Guatemala – one child at a time!

THANK YOU for your continued support!

DONATE ONLINE here Checks: Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala, PO Box 698, Grants Pass, OR 97528


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