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Returning to Guatemala

After completing 13 years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala after my retirement from the Air Force, I thought I had seen most of Guatemala, and knew about nonprofit development work in a third world country. However, when I volunteered for Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala at the age of 82 years, I found there was indeed more to learn! I met the organization’s leader, Frances Dixon, almost a year ago. It surprised me to find out about an organization working in such a far-flung part of Guatemala, a place she described as being in one of Guatemala’s most remote regions, in the northern most part of Huehuetenango, just south of the Mexican border. The Peace Corps recently stopped sending v

Renewed Hope for Nuevo San Ildefonso

I met him at the gate. He was an unannounced youth of some 20 years, wearing a threadbare shirt and pants that hung on his thin frame, with cheap rubber boots, torn away from the soles that invited the road’s dust inside to his feet. In his left hand, he carried an unsheathed machete; in this right, a near-empty sack with something obviously live wiggling in it. I had no idea who he was or from where he came, but this young man clearly had no doubts that it was me that he wanted to meet with. His name was Alonzo. He explained that he had spent the morning hiking from his small village of Nuevo San Ildefonso, a place I’d never heard of. Then, he stooped down, untied the sack, and amidst a

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