Education Program

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Education Program

Education Program

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The Maya Center for Education and Development

This sustainable educational community is located in a remote rainforest in northwestern Guatemala. The residential campus comprises our Maya Jaguar Middle and High Schools, staff and student housing, a nutrition center, organic gardens, and a small poultry farm.

The center is managed with a rainwater collection system that supplies water for all campus needs, while solar equipment powers the buildings and the fully equipped computer and science labs. A satellite system ensures that students can access the Internet for educational research.  Students manage the campus’ rain-fed organic gardens, and community outreach programs provide opportunities for them to share those gardening practices. The adjoining rain forest habitat offers a rare opportunity for interactive biology studies. 

Students learn to apply sustainable practices that can transform the conditions of poverty in their communities. They earn diplomas in three disciplines: academics, sustainable agriculture, and computer science. The two-year computer course offers training in maintaining and repairing computers as well as mastering regular computer skills. Through the quality education provided, graduates are prepared to pursue professional training, a university degree, or meaningful employment.


How you can help

  • Fund a full or partial scholarship

  • Volunteer as a computer or science teacher or instruct in organic gardening

  • Provide a dictionary or a book for a student


To make a donation in support of our sustainable education program, click here.