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RACHEL arrives in northwest Guatemala

It’s 2018. Now stop for a moment and try to imagine your daily routine without Internet access.The Web and the information that is available to us at the touch of a finger have dramatically transformed our lives. When we need to stay informed, we can just Google a topic—and voila! Not everyone on planet Earth, however, has the luxury of Google. But students at Adopt-A-Village in Guatemala’s Maya Jaguar Center for Education and Development located in northwest Guatemala are accustomed to innovation. They maintain sustainable gardens and attend classes in rooms lit by solar power. The latest innovation at Maya Jaguar is the recent introduction of RACHEL, a Remote Area Community Hotspot for

Sharing a mission of hope for children in Guatemala

I learned about Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala through a friend and was pleased to find that one of the organization’s top priorities coincides with one of my own professional goals—to help the Maya in Guatemala alleviate chronic childhood malnutrition. I work with 18 single mothers and their children in Santa Barbara, Huehuetengo, and know first-hand the devastating effects of malnutrition on the growth and development of children. Last week, I decided it was time for me to visit Adopt-a-Village’s educational farm and schools. I wanted to learn about growing peanuts and amaranth from their staff with the hope that I could bring back useful information that would benefit children and families

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