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The mission of Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala is to create opportunities for education in partnership with the Indigenous people in northwest Guatemala.  We achieve this mission primarily through the management of two quality sustainable schools, teaching aid to outlying villages, an educational farm, and multi-village agricultural training programs.


We endeavor to provide practical solutions to the major challenges that face this region, which is far removed from large population areas, schools and job opportunities. We aim to equip Maya families for a better future with educational programs that emphasize leadership and self-efficacy.  We make a special effort to ensure that women and girls who historically have been excluded from educational opportunities benefit from our programs.


AAV has been working steadily in northwestern Huehuetenango since 1991, growing and evolving in response to the needs and strengths of the communities where we work. We credit our many successes to the dedication of our volunteers and our Maya partners.

Read our latest annual report and our latest IRS Form 990 filing.

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