Combatting Chronic Malnutrition 

Mayan families are plagued by unremitting poverty in the northwestern region of Guatemala caused by lack of economic opportunities, poor public services, and failed governance. One of the tragic consequences of such extreme poverty is the chronic malnutrition of children that creates irreversible physical and mental damage. Guatemala suffers from the sixth highest level of chronic child malnutrition in the world. With your support, Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala brings self-help programs that create transformational changes in food production. Please help to overcome chronic malnourishment of children and bring opportunities to them for productive future lives.  

Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala Educational Farm

Our organization manages an educational farm, an annex of the Mayan Center for Education and Development.  Use of native vegetables, which are resistant to plague and disease, are a main focus of the program. One of the primary goals of the Farm is to produce plants high in nutrition that are suitable for local soil conditions and climate. Two such crops, amaranth and peanuts are currently under production. Harvesting open-pollinated seeds for the Farm’s seed bank is a key to providing food for families for the long term.

High School Organic Gardening Diploma Course 

A two-year diploma course in sustainable organic agriculture is part of the curriculum at the Maya Jaguar High School. Students receive theory as well as hands-on practice at the campus vegetable gardens, where they grow much of the produce consumed at the Maya Center for Education and Development.

Village School Gardens

This highly successful program is under expansion and is planned to reach several more schools dependent on funding availability. Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala sends its agricultural technicians to work with teachers and their students to grow vegetable gardens. Basic instruction is provided as to the nutritional value of the vegetables; produce is prepared by mothers at and consumed by the children.

Family Gardens

This program directly addresses the high chronic child malnutrition rate in villages by providing teaching best agricultural practices with parents. The long-term outcome is to provide enriched nutrition intake for children, the most vulnerable community members, by establishing nutritional family gardens.

New Village Nutritional Health Program

Due to extreme poverty, many indigenous families have little more than corn tortillas and black beans available as their daily food intake. Chronic child malnutrition in this region of Guatemala is epidemic. In 2020, we are launching a new Nutritional Health Program that will work with village mothers to provide training that teaches them how to make effective nutritional decisions. They will learn basic nutrition and healthy food choices, as well as how to best prepare and cook the vegetables they harvest from their family gardens. Community health and wellbeing through awareness-raising and healthy lifestyle practices in part of the training module.

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