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Our volunteers are the backbone of Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala. We offer many different opportunities to participate on a variety of different levels and welcome you to join us. We offer you the opportunity to share your time and skills while working side-by-side with our Maya partners, as you witness the realities of life in this remote, impoverished, but beautiful corner of Guatemala. When you return home, play a vital role in spreading the word about our work and the acute needs of the children we serve. We welcome teachers with Spanish language skills, as well as biology and chemistry teachers. We are looking for volunteers with carpentry, construction, cabinet and furniture making, and machine maintenance skills. We also need electricians, organic farmers, as well as computer technicians. Volunteers are responsible for travel to the Maya Jaguar High School campus (a 2 ½ day drive from Guatemala City) and contribute a modest fee for room and board during their stay.


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Volunteers from coast to coast provide critical support for Adopt-a-Village in a variety of capacities. Lend a hand with Spanish-English translations, clerical tasks, Internet research, publicity, marketing, mailings, letter-writing, graphics, selling Maya crafts and art, knitting and crocheting.  Or propose something else–we welcome your ideas, creativity and energy!




Listen to one volunteer's experiences at Maya Jaguar!

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Current volunteer opportunities


    Seeking a volunteer with grant experience to write and submit proposals for grants appropriate for our education and literacy programs from private, corporate, or government sources. 


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