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Maya Jaguar's Executive Administrator - Osman Castañeda

Osman Adriel Castañeda López

Executive Administrator - Principal - Teacher

Before coming to Maya Jaguar in 2010, Osman taught computer science at a private school in Quetzaltenango, and later in Barillas. There, his skills led to a position as manager and administrator of a cybercafé, where he first met Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala founder Frances Dixon.

Osman received his formal education in computer science, communications, and administration at the Universidad Panamericana. Based on his qualifications and an obvious dedication to excellence, Frances offered him a position at the unique school she founded and built in the mountains and rainforest in northwest Guatemala. Once there, Osman’s life transformed!

Like the students who arrive at Maya Jaguar Private Technical Institute for the first time, Osman was taken by the silence and the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. In addition, he was moved by the joy the students found in studying and attending classes at Maya Jaguar. Even more appealing, the teachers WANTED to teach. They strove each day to ensure every student fully comprehended their lessons - even if that meant presenting the same information in a different manner. That standard is held to this day!!

Osman’s career at Maya Jaguar began as a computer skills teacher in 2010. In 2011, he introduced personal development seminars and discussion groups to augment learning, and to build enthusiasm and camaraderie among the students. A year later he was promoted to School Director while still being the computer science instructor. In 2013, he received yet another promotion and is now the Executive Administrator of the Maya Jaguar middle and high schools.

Osman and his wife are the proud parents of a young son. Everyone who meets Osman finds him to be the rare treasure that Frances discovered during her first encounter with him many years ago. He inspires the best from all the students and staff - we are lucky to have him!


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