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Second Chance Learning

Second Chance Learning is a new Adopt-a-Village-in-Guatemala groundbreaking program initiated in June 2021. It is designed to help Indigenous primary school children recapture years of lost education.  Guatemala has the lowest level of education in Latin America. The consequences of substandard government education—including lack of books, school equipment, supplies, and infrequent teacher attendance—are that 70% of children drop out by third grade. The remainder leave sixth grade virtually illiterate. School closures, now well into the second year, due to COVID-19, have severely deteriorated the situation. Drop-out rates have soared.


The results: those students who have attended six years, leave with a only a handful of Spanish words, and barely have been taught how to add and subtract.


We believe that the following formula can successfully provide Maya children the opportunity to reclaim their education:

  • Access to schooling. Our quality education is free to eager, ambitious, and determined children.

  • Parent support. Guidance through regular teacher-parent one-on-one meetings is provided on how to encourage and support their children during their studies. 

  • Quality teaching. Our teachers receive ongoing rigorous training at our school campus.

  • Literacy training. A major focus is placed on employing specially trained second-language teachers. Small group instruction is used employing a wide range of interactive methods.

  • Technology. Teacher-guided use of computer tablets and laptops completes the mix.  It personalizes a student’s learning experience, increases student engagement, develops wider and deeper knowledge, and prepares them for the future of technology.


Through this one-of-a-kind educational program, impoverished Maya youngsters are given a second chance to gain the quality education they deserve. Their future is transformed as they are able to become productive citizens in their communities and their country.​

To make a donation in support of Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala's Second Chance Learning program, click here.

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