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About Shelly

Shelly has a love for children and a realization that education is the key to building a
successful life. Shelly learned about Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala through its Founder,
Frances Dixon. The combination of education for children and a background in
Accounting and Finance planted the seeds to become involved with this revolutionary
organization for the Maya.

She joins the Board of Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala as the Treasurer with an education
and many years of experience working in the world of Accounting. She will bring her
accuracy and expertise with numbers together with her focus on education to benefit
and assist with improving the lives of the Maya children in northwest Guatemala.

Assisting in the background and working alongside Frances for several years, Shelly
has learned Adopt-a-Village from the ground up. Visiting the schools and villages in
Guatemala in person, meeting the teachers, staff, and Maya children, solidifies the
endeavor to wholeheartedly serve these fine Maya people.

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