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About Dorothy

Dorothy DeMichele has worked as a marketing and public relations professional as well as a licensed realtor in Naples, Florida, for 40 years, having moved there from her hometown Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. She has dedicated much of her real estate career to helping senior citizens. She has lived in Germany for several years and has been an avid student of languages--French, Spanish, Italian, and German. 


She remains an active member of several professional and charitable organizations in Naples. Dorothy has sponsored many impoverished Mayan children through Adopt-a-Village over her years of involvement with the organization, helping to ensure that they received food, clothing, and education. Recently retired, Dorothy joined Adopt-a-Village’s board of directors in 2020 to give back to the organization and its president, whom she says has been a great source of inspiration to her for more than 25 years.     

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