Advisory Council

About Theresa

Theresa's career spans over 28 years of leading people to excellence--through project management, leadership skills, and creating clear, easy to read information that everyone can understand. An STC award-winning writer of technical documentation, she enjoys leading and teaching others how to do the same.


In 2018, she presented “Creating a Compelling Content Plan for Corporate Buy-in" at the Center for Information Development Summit. She has written two successful literacy grants for elementary schools, and was recently asked to serve on a business management panel for the state of Kentucky, the purpose of which is to ensure that Kentucky’s educational institutions teach the skills and knowledge that matter to employers. 

Theresa joined Adopt-a-Village because she believes that every person on the planet has a special gift they are meant to offer the universe--and sometimes all it takes is a little help and encouragement from people who care. 

Theresa and her husband Ken have six children, four grandchildren, and a little five pound Yorkie named Blondie. They are the light of her life. Her passion is in capturing meaningful moments–like the smile of a child or when a butterfly lands on a flower bed she has planted. Theresa enjoys helping children learn to read, planting gardens, writing grants, and public speaking.