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Happy News: Frances Dixon and Maya Children Updates

As the end of 2022 quickly approaches, we reflect back on a year filled with both exciting and tumultuous times. Thankfully, the tumult has occurred in other parts of our world, and the excitement has been closer to home. I’m pleased to report that it has been a successful, and change-filled, year for Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala.

The school year ended with major successes. A prestigious ceremony was held for the graduates from middle school; all students in both middle and high school scored high marks and will move up to their next prospective levels; and student enrollment for this next year is being reported at more than double. Our students appreciate Maya Jaguar Technical Institute, finding it superior to the public school education they received. They value and appreciate their teachers, too, because these teachers want to teach, and they want the students to learn how to learn – not just what to learn. All of the teaching staff in 2023 will remain the same, and the students will benefit from this continuity.

The school year at Maya Jaguar starts in January and ends in October. During these ten months, the school will continue to operate with its routine for the students of 20 days on campus and 10 days off campus. Both students and staff appreciate the flexibility this schedule offers: it minimizes the travel challenges many students face to reach the school (anywhere from one to six hours!), and it allows them to spend consecutive days helping with farm work and family chores when they are at home.

The Early Literacy programs in the three villages we serve follow the same schedule as Maya Jaguar. Positive results are being reported, and the younger Maya children are benefitting from their hands-on, interactive lessons. Food, supplies, and clothes deliveries to the villages are consistent and they remain on a regular schedule year-round.

I’m pleased to report that Frances´ health continues to improve. Her stroke was in March, and she has been receiving treatment and physical therapy in and near her son’s home in Florida. In September, she and her son took a road trip to the Maritimes (Eastern Canada) to enjoy nature and beautiful scenery. She stays involved with the staff in Guatemala, and she participates in our Zoom (on-line) Board Meetings here in the U.S., adding both direction and humor.

In January, my wife Susan and I, along with Shelly Smith and her husband Pete, will drive to the Maya Jaguar campus. We’re eager to welcome back returning students, meet the new ones, and renew our friendships with the teachers and staff members on campus. We will also visit the surrounding villages supported by our Early Literacy programs, interact with the children, and meet the teachers. Yes, we’ll send photos!

Current projects slated for 2023 will include improved water catchment/delivery systems; road repairs and maintenance; and, hopefully, the installation of a much faster and much less expensive Starlink satellite internet system.

We are all truly grateful for your support of this amazing, life-changing team! We look forward to your continued involvement in 2023 to assist Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala with our mission to increase educational opportunities, decrease poverty, and improve nutritional sustenance among these amazing Maya children we are honored to serve. If you would like to plan a visit to the campus in 2023, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help you plan your journey.

Thank You!! - ¡Muchas Gracias!

Happy New Year!! - ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Ted Rose

Vice President

Adopt-a-Village in Guatemala


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