Children without fathers in the destitute area served by Adopt-a-Village are chronically malnourished. No government program, aid agency, or church will arrive with food and other essentials. Children who lose both parents are the worst off, but it is almost as dire when, through death or desertion, mothers and their children are left without support.


We teach widowed and single mothers to grow food for their children through our Sustainable Gardening Program. Guatemala has the dubious distinction of having the fourth highest rate of chronic child malnutrition in the world. We provide technical aid, seeds, and gardening tools in support of this nutritional education. Your support for this vital self-help food program will make a profound and lasting difference in the well-being of these children.


Your support brings emergency food, school supplies and clothing. In some cases, thanks to generous donors, we have replaced tumble-down mud-floor huts with safe and dry cottages. Your aid is vital in making a profound and lasting difference in the well-being of these destitute children.

How You Can Help

Please consider a donation of any size to support the Widows and Orphans Program, or select a designated amount to purchase emergency food or support school needs. Click here to donate now.

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