Advisory Council

About Mary Jane

Mary Jane’s educational background includes degrees in psychology, special education, and law. Her first career was in developing community-based programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities; her second as a private practicing attorney in family and disability law.  Her interests and art education have played an important part in her leisure time. Now retired, she and her husband reside in Tucson, Arizona.  Both are avid students of Spanish and enjoy travel to Spanish speaking countries such as Spain, Cuba, and Mexico. 


Mary Jane volunteers with Adopt-a-Village in translating letters of Maya Jaguar students. Through their letters, she is inspired to visit Maya Jaguar and, as she says, “meet the young people whose letters I’ve had the privilege of translating”.  Additionally, she volunteers in southern Arizona with asylum-seeking migrants, mostly from Central America. She says, “Their stories have encouraged me to help others succeed in their home countries and avoid the dangers and uncertainties of migration. I am grateful for Adopt-a-Village for that opportunity.”