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Agricultural Intern

Maya Jaguar Educational Farm

About Lorenzo

Lorenzo is graduate of the Maya Jaguar High School.  As a hardworking student, Lorenzo who achieved the top spots in the school’s organic agricultural certification program. He is a Q’anjob’al Maya who comes from the village of Union las Palmas, an isolated mountain village approximately three hours from Maya Jaguar.   

Lorenzo’s internship includes teaching organic gardening to Maya Jaguar schools as well as managing the new Adopt-a-Village School Gardens program in outlying villages.  Lorenzo has shown himself to be a strong leader during his three years at Maya Jaguar. At 21 years old, he is the eldest child in his family and has had to overcome many obstacles on his path to becoming educated.  When he was eight years old, his father died, leaving Lorenzo to take care of his blind mother and four younger siblings.  Throughout his childhood and teen years, he has worked as a field laborer to provide for his family, all the while studying with the goal that one day he would receive his high school diploma.

We are excited to have Lorenzo join our outstanding team.